Our Projects

Learn more about the projects we have underway to increase awareness and action for endangered species and biodiversity here in Aotearoa.


A grass roots movement to enable more people to support biodiversity and create habitats for our native species.


A strategy combining conservation, industry, politics and public support is needed to prevent the extinction of the Māui dolphin.

Sioux Plowman NZ Fairy Tern Chariatable Trust IMG_6560 cropped.jpg

The critically endangered tara iti, New Zealand fairy tern has only 16 breeding pairs left and is the most endangered of our birds.


A biodiversity rating system for each native plant or item sold in shops.

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Maps of endangered species and tools to improve biodiversity for communities across Aotearoa are currently in development.

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We are looking for volunteer conservation groups to join the new Threatened Plant Breeders Network.

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