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The Endangered Species Foundation is a registered charitable organisation supporting high-priority conservation projects that protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable indigenous species and habitats from extinction. We aim to save the 'Rarest of the Rare'. We are focused on successful and sustainable projects that will avert the extinction of New Zealand’s unique indigenous biodiversity in all of its forms – from plants and fungi through to fish, insects, birds and mammals. You can read more about our fund here.

With the guidance of an advisory group which includes representatives from Department of Conservation, New Zealand universities and freelance professionals, the Endangered Species Foundation supports experts in the management of vulnerable species, and develops partnerships to lead results-oriented initiatives. Learn more about the projects we have underway to increase awareness and action for endangered species and biodiversity here in Aotearoa.


Facilitating the return of threatened Ngutukākā to appropriate landscapes across Te-Ika-a-Maui, on the East Coast of the North Is.

Sioux Plowman NZ Fairy Tern Chariatable Trust IMG_6560 cropped.jpg

The critically endangered tara iti, New Zealand fairy tern has only 10 breeding pairs left and is the most endangered of our birds.

Chesterfield skink - photo - www-sabinebernert-fr.png

A population of 50 critically endangered Chesterfield skinks has now been established in captivity at Auckland Zoo.


 By adopting a drain and improving the health of our waterways, we can safeguard and restore habitats of endangered species


A strategy combining conservation, industry, politics and public support is needed to prevent the extinction of the Māui dolphin.

coastal peppercress.jpg

Seedlings of Nelson’s critically endangered coastal peppercress are being grown in Dunedin in an innovative approach to safeguard the species from extinction. 

Canterbury Knobbled Weevil.JPG

Our Top 50 Most Endangered Species List identifies the species at biggest risk of extinction here in Aotearoa and what needs to be done.​

Te kopahou planting launch Phil W 11 Sept 20181.jpg

ERA Ecology NZ Ltd developed a restoration plan for us for Te Kopahou Reserve (Red Rocks) on Wellington’s south coast.

Canterbury Knobbled Weevil.JPG

The Endangered Species Foundation attracted partial funding for a project to establish an endangered insect captive breeding facility. 

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