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The Endangered Species Foundation is a registered charitable organisation supporting high-priority conservation projects that protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable indigenous species and habitats from extinction. We aim to save the 'Rarest of the Rare'. Here are some of the submissions we make ourselves, and those we support from others to protect Aotearoa's most endangered species.

Submission against
Fast-Track Bill 2024

The Fast Track Bill, if passed, would grant unprecedented powers to corporations to exploit our country's resources without any input from experts or the public. This bill overrides crucial environmental protection legislation, silencing the voices of iwi, community and environmental groups.

11 April 2024

Submission on Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan

Submission to Minister of Oceans and Fisheries for alternative five point plan for NZ fisheries.

11 June 2023

Manta Ray

ESF submission - Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan 2023

Submission to MPI

28 February 2023

ESF submission - Hauraki Gulf Consultation 2022

Submission to DoC

25 October 2022

Jacob Ball, DOC, Crown Copyright_7502862_edited.jpg

Off-shore sand mining application at Pakiri declined

Auckland Council Decision

6 May 2022

Fairy Terns protesting.jpg

ESF Submission - Sand extraction at Pakiri

Applicant: McCallum Bros Ltd



Te Whānau o Pakiri Submission - sand extraction at Pakiri

Applicant: McCallum Bros Ltd



Zero Waste Submission - Collective Māori Voice

Submission by Para Kore


Boat and surfer.jpg

Statement of evidence
by Olivia Haddon for
Te Whānau o Pakiri

Applicant: Kaipara Ltd

18 FEBRUARY 2021

Sioux Plowman NZ Fairy Tern Chariatable Trust IMG_6560 cropped_edited.jpg

Submission in response to the resource consent application to extract sand offshore at Pakiri.
Expert evidence on birds by Ian Southey

Applicant: Kaipara Ltd

18 FEBRUARY 2021

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