Maui Dolphin

It will take a coherent strategy combining conservation action, industry and political support, business involvement, funding and public support to prevent the extinction of Māui dolphin.

There are so few Māui dolphins left in the world, they were classified as Nationally Critical in 2009. 

Threats to Māui dolphin survival

Research in 2015 & 2016 by Dr Scott Baker (Oregon State University) and Dr Rochelle Constantine (University of Auckland), provided an estimate of between 57 and 75 adult Māui dolphins, with 63 being the most likely number.


In 2012 a panel of New Zealand and international experts on marine mammal research and ecology assessed the risk that human activities, at their current intensity and using current knowledge, posed to the survival of the Māui dolphin as part of the 2012 Risk Assessment of Threats to Māui Dolphins. This expert panel considered that the bycatch of Māui dolphins in set nets and trawl nets posed the greatest risk of mortality over the subsequent five year period.

We are supporting the Māui dolphin by:


  1. Working with conservation groups, government agencies and industry, and presenting an un-biased view of Māui dolphin conservation activity.

  2. Having an observer on the Research Advisory Group which is involved in evaluating Māui dolphin research.

  3. Raising funds to support activities that help the fishing industry transition to Māui dolphin-safe fishing. Currently, $13,500 is needed to complete research on the economic costs and benefits of the fishing industry transitioning to other fishing methods. A further $150,000 per annum is needed to provide expert input into transitioning the fishing industry into Māui dolphin safe fishing methods.

  4. Looking to support other, smaller, projects with a public involvement outcome. 

  5. We also offer to bring together a consultative group with a role of evaluating achievements, assessing future options and negotiating progress. 


How can you help?

We are fundraising to help support the highest-priority conservation efforts for the critically endangered Maui dolphin. You or your business can help get behind saving our endemic dolphins by offering financial support and helping to raise awareness around their plight.

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