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Significant donation to make a huge difference

Index Engineering, a Rotorua-based company, recently decided to increase the ways that they can be socially responsible, by donating 1% of their annual consulting fees to a mix of charities addressing the three issues of social equity, environment and a local cause in their area. This has included a very generous donation of $6,000 to the Endangered Species Foundation.

“After looking at various environmental charities, and reading the information on your webpage, we decided that we would like to donate to the Endangered Species Foundation”, says Ingrid Snyman, Director/Practice Manager of Index Engineering. “New Zealand has so many endangered species and if we can make a difference to their protection and recovery, then we want to get in there and help,” she says.

The Endangered Species Foundation is very grateful for this donation, which will go a long way to supporting much needed mahi and advocacy for our most vulnerable species.

"New Zealand is currently facing the potential extinction of hundreds of species with thousands more endangered, and we are working with extreme urgency to turn things around for our most threatened animals, birds, insects and plants,” says Cheryl Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Endangered Species Foundation.

If you or your organisation is interested in donating to the Endangered Species Foundation, please email our Communications and Fundraising Manager,, or make an online donation here.

Index Engineering Ltd is an award-winning, small/med sized Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Business who have decided to increase the ways that they can be socially responsible.

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