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Drains are Streams

Restoring urban waterways to create safe habitats for our most endangered species

In 2017, 76 percent of our native freshwater fish were either threatened with or at risk of extinction. By adopting a drain and improving stormwater management, we can safeguard precious biodiversity like endangered freshwater fish and tuna, long-fin eel.

Help us develop our engagement programme so that together we can create safe and healthy habitats for our most endangered species!
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Signs for Drains

Help create carved metal signs with endangered species and
"Kia Tūpato - Drains are Streams" 

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Education Resources

Develop species factsheets, flyers on what you can do, videos and
VR headsets.

$30 per month

Kete - Adopt a Drain

Help us engage with schools and communities and enable people to adopt a drain.

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Donate today

Donate today to help communities adopt a drain and save the endangered species that rely on healthy waterways to survive.

Your donation will help to:

  • Develop an education programme to educate tamariki and the public so we can better understand how drain systems work, and why we need to restore the health of our waterways for endangered species.

  • Produce education packs - with all the tools needed to "Adopt a Stream"

  • Create fact sheets and videos about endangered species and what needs to be done to restore their habitats

  • Reconnect people to te taiao, our environment and the ways we can all contribute to healthy biodiversity.

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When you donate you help give our most vulnerable species a voice.

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