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Inspirational Waikato farmer Stu Muir shares his story of cleaning waterways

Updated: Apr 15

Hear more on Radio NZ about the incredible revival of native wildlife on Stu Muir's farm in Waikato, a testament to the power of collaboration and restoration for our awa and waterways.

"After years of neglect, our streams were struggling. But with chainsaws and determination, we cleared the way for nature to thrive again," says Stu Muir.

Through partnerships with local hapū, including Ngāti Tiipa and Ngāti Te Ata, Stu has honoured the land and its heritage while restoring native habitats.

"Our relationship with nearby whanau and iwi spans generations. It's a source of pride and strength as we work together to protect our environment," Stu explains.

Through pest control and native plantings, Stu has created havens for indigenous species to flourish once more. "Now, kererū and tui grace our skies in numbers we haven't seen in years," he says.

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