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Communications hui for the tara iti, our most endangered bird

Updated: May 2

On April 22, 2024 key rōpū (groups) working to save the tara iti, our most endangered bird collaborated to develop a coordinated communications strategy.

Representatives include a diverse array of stakeholders, including volunteers, iwi representatives, DOC workers, and representatives from government authorities collaborated to ensure the protection and sustainability of the tara iti population and their associated ecosystems, by developing a cohesive communications strategy, which will represent the many voices involved with this important kaupapa. We are also holding replicas of these tiny birds.

This image shows how tiny their eggs are. When tara iti chicks hatch, they are the size of bumble bees. Pictured are two replica eggs and one real egg (with the hole).

Through structured dialogue and collaborative exchange, we emphasised the necessity of coordinating messaging and strategies, collaborating for greater efficiency, upholding mātauranga Māori, and ensuring knowledge exchanges with local marae.

Our beaches are the only places these birds, which number less than 40, can call home and we will be advocating for better protections as well as informing people on what they can do to help. This collaborative effort, bringing together iwi, a range of community groups, and local and national government agencies, promises more streamlined and effective communications to support the conservation and restoration of this iconic species and its associated ecosystems.

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