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Right now Aotearoa New Zealand is facing a biodiversity crisis. Help us create a world where biodiversity is cared for by us all.
Tara iti chick - DoC - 9-2-22.jpg

Tara iti chick - DoC

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Give our most vulnerable species the best chance

Choose from a project below to to resource positive change for some of Aotearoa’s most endangered species

Gift Ngutukākā

Once there were less than 100 ngutukākā, the kākābeak plant, left in the wild, but now, thanks to a small group of passionate, dedicated people on the East Coast, over 800 species were planted last year. We need your help to grow and plant more!

​For just $50 you can plant five ngutukākā. ​We are aiming to raise $30,000 which would plant 3,000 ngutukākā. 


Your donation will help plant more of these treasured plants and in return you will receive a beautiful e-card to gift to someone you love.

We Love You, Even If You're Ugly

At the Endangered Species Foundation we save the rarest of the rare. From giant weta fungus to the little known fuzzweed moth - we really do love you, even if you're ugly.

​By adopting a little known creature in danger of extinction, your donation will go towards helping our most endangered taonga survive.


When you adopt a species, you will receive an official adoption certificate and link to the factsheet about your species from the Endangered Species Foundation.

Tara iti, NZ Fairy Tern Protection Programme

The tara iti, New Zealand fairy tern is our most threatened bird. There are only nine breeding pairs left and the birds survive on the beaches between Whangarei and Auckland. The Endangered Species Foundation has identified tara iti, the New Zealand Fairy Tern in its Top Ten Most Endangered Species List.

With your support we can work to stop sand mining, beach narrowing, weed invasion, predators, human disturbance and loss of marine life, which are all a major threat to these birds.

Top 50 Endangered Species List

We urgently need to update our Top 50 most endangered species list so that we can make all New Zealanders aware of the species at biggest risk of extinction. To do this we need to:

  • Collaborate to update lists with our Advisors

  • Update factsheets and actions needed for top 50

  • Engage in media work and social media campaigns to draw attention to species that have been lost and actions that need to be taken for new top 50.


With your help we can increase awareness of what needs to be done to save these unique and beautiful creatures.

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