Help save the world's smallest and rarest dolphin 

The world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphin, the Māui Dolphin is teetering on the brink of extinction.

With a population of approximately 63 individuals, the Māui dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui), a species found only in New Zealand, is listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ by the IUCN.

MAUI63 are developing an Artificial Inteligence (AI) powered tracking drone to autonomously find, follow and uniquely identify Māui and Hector’s dolphins.


By identifying individual dolphins, knowing where they are and when they are there, we can protect them from key threats and hopefully halt the decline towards extinction.

$10 per month


Contribute to digital communications to educate members of public about areas that need protection and what they can do to help


$20 per month


Help us draw attention to the issues that threaten the Māui Dolphin, with locals key stakeholders, government, politicans and media 

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$50,000 one off

Flying Drone

$50,000 is needed to maintain the equipment and to continue flying and pay for the pilots’ time to fly the drone and and collect data

Donate today

Your donation will help to:

  • Move into a continuous monitoring plan.

  • Maintain equipment to continue flying

  • Pay for pilots time to continue flying and collecting data

  • Educate and engage members of the public on what needs to be done to save this rare species

Positive impacts:

  • Improved knowledge of rare species

  • Increased education levels

  • Better data for all marine mammals through drone footage

  • Rare species are saved from extinction

  • Vulnerable habitats are protected


When you donate you help give our most vulnerable species a voice.