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New Tohu (Logo) to Embrace our Direction and Values

We are happy to share with you our new logo for Tāngaro Tuia te Ora, the Endangered Species Foundation. 

Tāngaro Tuia te Ora means "Reigniting Survival Through Revival" and was gifted to us by Pekeira Rei, a past Trustee and Cultural Advisor for our organisation. 

This new tohu embraces our kaupapa (purpose) and highlights the importance of our most endangered species, incorporating a dolphin tail to signify Pōpoto, the Māui Dolphin, a manu (bird), and a tuna (eel), to represent our endangered fresh water species.

These elements are unified within a taniko triangle, and will be used consistently across our visual communications. Taniko patterns represent the traditions and beliefs of the Māori community, aligning well with our kaupapa to unite and bring together people from all walks of life, and recognising our support for Māori-led restoration projects.

The colours are consistent with our original logo, reflecting our moana (sea), awa (rivers), whenua (land) and the ngāhere (forest). We also recognise our past and the people who founded the Endangered Species Foundation, Neil and Mike Thorsen, by keeping these colours true to the original logo palette.

Thank you to Nikki of Taputapu Design for working alongside us to produce this beautiful taonga for our organisation, to our trustee Rangitahi Wharepapa and our advisor Alice Cameron, who give their sage advice to us so freely, and to everyone else who has had input into this tohu ataahua, beautiful logo. 

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