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Pānui Matariki - July Update for NZ Endangered Species

Nau mai haere mai ki tēnei pānui Maramawhiti.

Manakitia a Matariki!

Welcome to the July pānui of the Endangered Species Foundation as we celebrate the rise of the stars known as Matariki. We hope you are enjoying our Māori New Year, a time which represents renewal, reflection, and the strength of community.

Update on NZ Endangered Species

It is also a great time to plant native trees and we are really happy to let you know that despite so much rain, even more of the NZ endangered species of ngutukākā have been planted.

We've also launched a new project "Drains are Streams" to enable the restoration of urban waterways for endangered freshwater ika (fish), a real five point plan to protect endangered marine life has been written and we're proud to support a new, TVNZ six-part series on endangered species.

You can read the full pānui and all our updates here.

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