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Ika - Native Fish - Signage Tested and First Stream Adopted!

A little known fact about our native freshwater ika (native fish) is that 76 percent are either threatened with, or at risk of extinction. To engage people in the issues and how they can help, we have started a project to enable people to adopt a stream and care for our waterways. We have now trialled the application of our signage, captured some photos and video footage and adopted our first stream in Kirikiriroa Hamilton.

After a bit of experimentation, the inaugural test went well and we are now in the process of designing ordering more ika (fish) signs, and developing the full kete which will include:

  • Ika signs made from scrap metal of the endangered kōaro and tuna (longfin eel)

  • Resources about native fish, waterways in your area, how to adopt a stream and ways you can make a difference

  • An instructional video about how to apply the ika sign to the drain

  • Shop to purchase a full kete - to be live soon!

Before and after shots:

Please help us produce more of these packs so we share these resources wider with kura (schools) and early childhood centres. 

Adopt a Drain for Endangered Freshwater Species

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