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Shags popular for Christmas

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

After going live with their new campaign “We Love You, Even If You’re Ugly” the Endangered Species Foundation has been inundated with people wanting a shag for Christmas.

“We knew shags were popular, but not this popular,” says General Manager, Natalie Jessup. “We’ve always known how great shags are and obviously there’s a lot of people out there who agree.”

The number of people getting a shag for themselves or for a loved one increased exponentially over the past week with many messages of support rolling in.

“My brother really wants a shag, so I’m getting him one for Christmas” says anonymous.
“For my beautiful wife. A shag at Christmas is the least you deserve,” said another, who will also remain unnamed.
“I wish I could give to the uglier animals, but this is a gift for someone who really loves shags,” said someone from Wellington.
“Here you go. A worthwhile shag for once,” said Rachel (not her real name).

The good news is, it’s not too late and there are enough shags for everyone.

There’s no limit to the number of shags available,” says Natalie “We want to make sure that everyone who wants one, can get a shag this Christmas.”

Other messages have been utterly beautiful, and made our hearts melt. Like this one from someone’s mum:

“To my darling daughter at Christmas. Thank you for teaching me that different is beautiful too.”

We totally agree.

By adopting a weird and wonderful creature you will receive an adoption certificate and a link to more information about your chosen species from our top 40 most endangered list.

This year’s selection includes:

  • Chatham shag

  • Giant weta fungus

  • Hamilton's frog

  • Fuzzweed moth

  • Lowland longjaw galaxias

  • Holloway's crystalwort

We love you if you’re different. Adopt:

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