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Growing Kaitiakitanga

A grass roots movement to enable more people to support biodiversity and create habitats for our native species, kaitiakitanga will be enhanced through community access for marae and kura / schools via mobile nurseries, seed banks, biodiversity kits and educational support.

Through a pilot called “Neighbourhood Nurseries” in Wellington and Napier, members of the public were provided with a small range of native plants. Each plant was accompanied by an information card which reflected their biodiversity attributes, physical characteristics, cultural context and care, and interactions and conversations were had with each member of the public.

By expanding and providing community access points, we will deliver tangible biodiversity resources and support through co-designing solutions with communities.

Access points will include things such as mobile nurseries, seed banks, biodiversity kits and educational support. We are currently developing meaningful partnerships with other collaborators in the biodiversity space to multiply impact and build a grass roots movement to enable a wider range of users to engage with biodiversity. You can read more about this project here.

What you told us...

Buying Plants

“I care so immensely about planting natives to support Aotearoa’s pollinators and I’m so excited that this project is promoting that.”

Gardenstar is a backyard biodiversity movement which aims to increase native species while boosting human well-being and human-nature connection. We are keen to connect with residents, marae, schools and any other groups who are interested in joining the Gardenstar programme.

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