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Tāngaro Tuia Te Ora

Re-igniting survival through revival

Image: Jacob Ball, DOC

Cute Chicks Need Our Help

Every year on our beaches and in our forests native, endangered chicks are hatching. Your donation will go towards protecting precious, fluffy hatchlings. 

Get your official adoption certificate and flyer to share about how we can all keep cute chicks safe.


We aim to protect the rarest of Aotearoa’s species by mobilising movements and supporting conservation projects to ensure healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

Find out more about the work we undertake to advocate for our most endangered species and how we can all take action to protect the rarest of our rare.

Over 7500 of our indigenous species are in danger of being lost forever. Help protect Aotearoa's most vulnerable taonga by joining us and donating today.

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