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Help save our top 50 most endangered 

We urgently need to update our Top 50 most endangered species list so that we can make all New Zealanders aware of the species at biggest risk of extinction and increase awareness of what needs to be done to protect the biodiversity of Aotearoa.

To update the list of Aotearoa’s top 50 most endangered species we need to collaborate to confirm lists with our Advisors, update our lists and engage in media work and social media campaigns to draw attention to species that have been lost and actions that need to be taken for new top 50.




New List 

Collaboration with Science Advisors and DoC to determine top 50 most endangered species and update this information on our website 

$20 per month


Ongoing media work, public education programmes and social media engagement to draw attention to new top 50 list 

$500 one off


Help us update our factsheets of each species to include current information about what is needed to protect each specie and their habitat

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When you donate you help give our most vulnerable species a voice.

Donate today

Your donation will help to:

  • Update our top 50 Endangered Species List and information about these species

  • Increase awareness about ecosystems and endangered species on the brink of extinction and what can be done

  • Improve connections between people and the biodiversity of the places they live

  • Advocate for long-term solutions and values that will bring about much needed change for all native species in Aotearoa

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