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Taylor the Tara Iti on Tinder and Tik Tok

There has been a huge flurry of eggcitement as a very cute chick goes up on Tinder and records a new Tik Tok video. In an unusual move New Zealand’s most endangered bird has created a Tinder profile in the hope of finding that special someone.

“We hope that by creating a profile on Tinder we’ll attract some much needed attention,” says Natalie Jessup, General Manager of the Endangered Species Foundation.
“As the tara iti has only ten breeding pairs left, we are really keen to find a suitable long-tern relationship for our most endangered bird.

We spoke to the Taylor the Tara Iti to ask her thoughts:

“I’m probably not the first bird on Tinder, but I am the cutest. Being the size of a bumble bee, this will really help me get noticed.
“I look forward to meeting someone eggstraordinary who’s into a committed relationship and helping me feather my nest, literally.”

To help sing her praises Taylor the Tara Iti has chosen “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado as her Tinder profile song.

“I’m Like a Bird” is a song I could really relate to,” says Taylor, “When the going gets tough, it reminds me who I am.”

To further promote her good looks, Taylor the Tara Iti has also created this new video for Tik Tok to help profile her status as a #HotNewBombshell.

Taylor’s interests include self-care, free diving, beach bars, live music and picnicking. She is a Scorpio with personality type ENTJ.

Good lucky Taylor!!!

You can vote for the tara iti, NZ Fairy Tern for Bird of the Year 2022 here:

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