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Phoenix Organics sponsorship to aid Kororā

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Phoenix Organics have started their mission to raise awareness and funds to support one of our most precious birds — the Kororā (Little Blue Penguin).

The story of the Kororā features on their new, limited edition Apple Blueberry & Lemon organic juice product. The organic juice company is generously giving the Endangered Species Foundation 10c per bottle from sales of their blueberry juice to support the precious Kororā.

The Kororā (little blue penguin) weighs only 1kg and is 30-35 cm in height. Little penguins were once common in New Zealand, but many are killed crossing coastal roads, hit by boats, or caught in nets. Most Kororā now live on offshore islands where there is less disturbance. They are most likely to be seen in sheltered harbours where it is calmer and they are easier to see.

During the day, kororā forage in the ocean for small fish, squid and crustacean species, or spend time in their burrows. They search within around 20km of their colony. After the annual moult, and before the new breeding season, many penguins disappear for a couple of months. It is not yet known where they go.

If you see a penguin or are in an area with Kororā you can help look after them by:

  • Knowing that if you see a scruffy bird, this is most likely because it is moulting. The best thing you can do is to leave it alone and ensure dogs cannot reach it. It will be highly stressed at this time.

  • Putting dogs on leashes and keeping them away from nests

If you see a penguin during daylight hours, it may well need help as it is likely to be injured or ill. You could place a sick penguin under vegetation in the rear-dune well away from people and dogs, or take it to a local bird rescue centre, DOC or vet, especially if in immediate danger, but most importantly, contact the DOC hotline urgently so that they can help. (0800 DOC HOT / 0800 362 468)

The Endangered Species Foundation would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you Phoenix Organics. It is with much needed financial support that we are able to advocate, inform and help protect the Kororā.

Next time you’re out and about at a café, look out for the new blueberry juice and with the Endangered Species Foundation logo. Choose to drink it and you will contribute to saving a Little Blue Penguin.

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