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Gecko Puzzles Support Endangered Species

Nature's Grace puzzles and stationery feature the stunning beauty of some of Aotearoa’s endangered animals and 10% of all gecko product sales go to the Endangered Species Foundation.

The mokopirirākau - forest gecko is found only in New Zealand and is at risk of extinction, largely as a result of habitat loss, being eaten by introduced animals and illegal pet smuggling. Native geckos are especially unique: they give birth to live young rather than eggs and can live for around 40 years.

Gael Ogilvie, founder of Nature's Grace Aotearoa, spent four decades working with government departments and businesses here and overseas, on solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change, poor water quality, ecological degradation and waste generation. Her main driver is to protect nature, and this is what motivated her to leave large-scale organisations and start a values-based business to inspire change.

“I believe that connecting to our natural environment is core to our wellbeing,” says Gael, “and there are 1000’s of published studies to support this”.

“These puzzles and stationery are a way for us to gift something back to our native species and educate ourselves on what we can do to reverse current trends and protect the other precious animals and plants that we share Earth with”.

Each item purchased explains what you can do to help prevent the rapid loss of New Zealand's unique native animals and plants. All products are also made in New Zealand using 100% recycled card.

You can buy a very popular gecko puzzle here.

Photos by Dr Paddy Ryan

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