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Endangered Species Foundation announces new partnership with Sustainable Rewards

The Endangered Species Foundation is proud to announce that we have partnered with Sustainable Rewards, a new programme which engages organisations and employees to improve their sustainability outcomes.

Sustainable Rewards helps people reduce their personal environmental footprint through engagement and education in their workplace. By offering companies a holistic package for their employees Sustainable Rewards enables organisations to achieve their sustainability targets.

Having witnessed a lot of environmental degradation around the world, Founders Ruth and Harry made the commitment to start this company to help people reduce their environmental footprint.

“After watching our hero Sir David Attenborough talk about the degradation of the natural world, we reflected on what we too had experienced whilst traveling Asia and Central America... Across the world we had seen vast monocultures, empty coral reefs, and elephant orphanages,” says Harry.
“We decided right then and there that we needed to do something. We feel we have a personal responsibility to help save our planet and this is a way for us to connect people and organisations with tangible ways they can make a difference.”

The Endangered Species Foundation will contribute to this programme through providing education and presentations to different organisations.

“We are really happy to be a part of this programme,” says Endangered Species Foundation General Manager, Natalie Jessup. “By engaging with people across a range of sectors, we will be able to help more people become more aware of the issues we face and what we can do to restore habitats and protect our most endangered species”.

You can find out more and sign-up your organisation to join the programme here:

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