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Bennetto's hot chocolate supports endangered birds

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Sip on what we think is the world's most delicious hot chocolate, and support efforts to protect endangered species' habitats at the same time!

Every time you buy Bennetto's hot chocolate, 10% of profits are donated to the Endangered Species Foundation to help profile the endangered tara iti, NZ Fairy Tern and Tūturiwhatu NZ dotterel, and what needs to be done to protect their habitats and save these endangered birds.

"We have used the front of our packaging to build awareness around New Zealand's most vulnerable birds, " says Lucy Bennetto, Founder. "We always have small education pieces on the insides of all our chocolate wrappers and with this box we have written about the Fairy Tern and the Dotterel to help people understand more about these endangered birds, where they live and how to protect them."

We can all make a difference for endangered birds on beaches, including staying away from roped-off areas, and keeping dogs and vehicles off beaches and sandspits.

The tara iti (New Zealand fairy tern) is Aotearoa's rarest endemic bird, with just 37 of these birds left in the world. There are only 10 breeding pairs in the whole country, with 6 pairs at Mangawhai and 1 at Pakiri. The Endangered Species Foundation is collaborating with iwi and community groups to raise awareness of this tiny bird, and to stop sand mining which threatens its habitat.

The endangered tūturiwhatu (NZ dotterel) was once widespread and common. Now there are only about 2500 birds left, making dotterels more at risk than some species of kiwi. We can all make a difference for these cute little birds that camouflage easily into their sandy beach environments, by staying away from nests and breeding grounds, keeping dogs on leashes on the beach, keeping cats in at night and volunteering with local community groups. You can also notify DOC if you see wildlife being harassed by people or dogs and get your dog trained in avian awareness.

“We are immensely grateful to Bennetto’s for their support,” says Natalie Jessup, General Manager of the Endangered Species Foundation, “This will enable us to further advocate for protection measure and educate and engage people to take action.”

You can buy Bennetto's hot chocolate online, and at speciality shops across Aotearoa.

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