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$1m conservation trust enables transformative work

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

A very generous fund, set up by siblings Donald and Pamela Paterson, has enabled a number of transformative projects to take place for our endangered species.

Key projects supported by the fund, the “Pamela and Donald Paterson Conservation Trust”, include vast amounts of conservation education undertaken in schools by Squawk Squad over the past year. Funds from the conservation trust have supported 4,400 tamariki to learn about Aotearoa’s most endangered species, and over the past 12 months these children undertook 10,000 positive environmental actions as a result.

Here is the video thanking Mr Paterson and showcasing the programme:

Income from the charitable trust has also funded:

  • the Endangered Species Foundation’s submission to the Department of Conservation’s Threatened Species Strategy

  • projects to save the Maui dolphin

  • translocating the Chesterfield skink after most of its habitat being damaged by a cyclone

  • restoration of Te Kokapou (Red Rocks) – a coastal reserve on the south side of Wellington, which is home to a fur seal colony

  • a Colmar Brunton research poll into the public’s attitude to saving endangered species, with emphasis on the Hectors and Maui dolphins.

The generosity Donald, and his late sister Pamela Paterson, have shown to supporting local conservation initiatives and education is outstanding, and reflects the caring, thoughtful and practical nature of them both. Donald loved the nature in his backyard in Karori and continues to care, by funding projects that protect the most endangered species around Wellington and the wider region.

Donald has been made an Honorary Ambassador by ESFNZ in recognition of the financial support and encouragement both he and Pamela have provided. We look forward to putting this funding to further good use to save and protect endangered species around New Zealand.

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