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Fischers egg fungus cropped.jpg
Fischer's egg fungus (Claustula fischeri)

Little is understood about this intriguing fungus, seen (very rarely) when fruiting as a white egg on the ground. Researchers are keen to find out how this mysterious fungus disperses when no opening appears in the puffball-like fruiting body to release spores. 

Researchers speculate that insects or native ground-feeding birds disperse spores, but, as many of these potential dispersers are now rare or extinct (eg. moa), other birds may have only partly filled this role.

If you think you see a Fisher’s egg fungus, take a photo, record the location and please send it to us at the Endangered Species Foundation

Giant weta fungus.jpg
Giant weta fungus (Cordyceps kirkii)

This poorly known fungus that infests giant weta has only ever been seen twice, on Stephens Island giant weta in the outer Marlborough Sounds. 

If you find a dead weta that is covered in white fuzz and that has small-stalked pale yellow knobs, please take a photo, record the location and send it to us.

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