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Adopt a Stream

Help Save My Home

Tuna - Longfin eel - photo by Jason Burton

76% of our native freshwater fish are either threatened with or at risk of extinction. Help restore our waterways to create safe habitats for our most endangered freshwater species.
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Buy a Pack

To purchase one pack you can become a supporter for $30 per month. You can also give a one-off donation of $99.
Please tell us in the comments if you would like a tuna (eel) or kōaro (fish)

Adopt a stream today!

Adopt a Stream pack.jpg

Your Adopt a Stream kete includes:

  • Advice on how to adopt a stream

  • Metal signage of an endangered tuna (longfin eel) or kōanga (native fish) to install on your drain

  • Concrete drill and screws

  • Education material about endangered freshwater fish

  • Information about how drain systems work, and why we need to restore the health of our waterways 

  • Subscription to our newsletter and updates on endangered species and the health of our waterways

When you donate you help give our most vulnerable species a voice

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