Protecting New Zealand's rarest of the rare.


Cheryl Reynolds, Chief Executive

Cheryl is a passionate, energetic, creative entrepreneur, business leader and strategic philanthropist with extensive environmental and community leadership experience. She was the founding chief executive at Momentum Waikato, one of New Zealand’s largest community foundations. Prior to that, she was the founding chief executive at SODA Inc., Waikato’s entrepreneurship hub, and more recently, she was chief executive at Raglan’s resource recovery centre, Xtreme Zero Waste.

Never one to rest, Cheryl is an artist who loves to create, a stargazer who loves to contemplate the universe, and with a post graduate diploma in Business Management and a Masters in Fine Art, she calls herself a servant leader who’s motivated to drive and support urgently needed systems change for the benefit of our beautiful planet.

Cheryl is an Edmund Hillary Fellow.


Dr Mike Thorsen, Chief Science Advisor

Mike Thorsen is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in managing biodiversity, botany and ecology with over 20 years’ experience in ecology, conservation biology and the management of invasive species worldwide. Mike enjoys assisting a diversity of groups to realise their biodiversity ambitions using his wide-ranging experience and enjoys the challenges of working in the interface between the conservation and use of natural resources with the aim of producing good outcomes that are both environmentally sound and pragmatic. A developing interest is in using human-generated landforms as surrogates for native flora and fauna communities.

Foundation Facts

  • 4,000
    endangered species
  • $1.5Million
    projected annual income
    available to save our species
  • As little as
    can save many of our
    endangered species
  • Only
    species are currently in
    conservation programmes