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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors come from organisations from all over New Zealand, and are vital to our work in providing sustainable conservation support to those who need it most. We are grateful for each of them, big and small, for the valuable and unique contributions they have made to the survival of our endangered species.

Sponsors have opportunities to visit the projects they support and can publicise their support for the Foundation. We also offer the opportunity for sponsors to contribute together with other organisations to support projects that would usually be beyond their capacity.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an ESFNZ sponsor please get in touch.




With support from:

Thank you to the following conservation photographers:

Rod Morris - wildlife photography on most main pages

Rod first became involved in wildlife photography when he began working as a cameraman and Director/Producer for the then Natural History Film Unit in 1980. Documentaries such as Kakapo: Night Parrot, The Black Stilt, Kea: Mountain Parrot and Dragons of Komodo received international awards because of their outstanding camera work. Since 2003 Rod has devoted less time to television in order to concentrate on his first love - still photography and writing about New Zealand's wildlife. His photographs often appear in NZ Geographic Magazine and Forest and Bird and in a number of books including Wild South's Living Treasures of New Zealand and An Extraordinary Land (both co-authored with Peter Hayden) and Weta: A Knight in Shining Armour, written by Joy Cowley.

Mike Thorsen - landscape photography on most main pages

Mike has been using a camera since his early teens, 30 years later his images have appeared in National Geographic online, GEO magazine, 100 Animals to See Before They Die, The World's Rarest Birds, Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Above the Treeline. He is currently working on a guidebook to the remote island of St Helena and identification guides for New Zealand’s grasses and herbs as well as some commercial wedding and event photography.

Rob SuistedMakara landscape photographs

Rob is one of New Zealand’s most respected nature photographers. His love of the outdoors and our wildlife has led him to a background in zoology, previously a career in conservation management (as NZ's national marine mammal advisor), along with extensive experience in New Zealand’s remote back-country areas. He is also a frequent visitor to the spectacular sub-Antarctic, and Antarctic regions to the south of New Zealand. Rob has just finished his 15th book project: Molesworth - Stories from New Zealand’s largest high-country station which won the Booksellers Choice award at the prestigious national NZ Post book awards. He often speaks publicly on the subjects of photography, conservation, and his travels. 

Foundation Facts

  • 4,000
    endangered species
  • Just
    of our most critically endangered Māui Dolphins remain
  • As little as
    can save many of our
    endangered species
  • Only
    species are currently in
    conservation programmes