Tairāwhiti Ngutukākā

This project seeks to facilitate the return of threatened Ngutukākā to appropriate landscapes across Te-Ika-a-Maui - the North Island of Aotearoa.

Our goal is to replant and regenerate the numbers of this threatened species and to build momentum for ongoing and everlasting protection for Ngutukākā.

This will be done by bringing together experts, passion, knowledge, councils, corporations, communities and kaitiaki to share and learn from each other as mahi in the whenua to collect seeds, raise seedlings, plant, protect and build Ngutukākā populations around the rohe.

The established stories and traditions of this taonga species will be shared and we will educate and inform each other on how best to grow, care for and protect Ngutukākā to ensure the long term survival of this iconic species. Further more, we will work to enhance and promote the importance of Maori-lead kaitiakitanga for Ngutukākā and other taonga.

You can read more about how Maori-led kaitiakitanga is helping Tairawhiti Ngutukaka - East Coast Kakabeak thrive here.

National Geographic have also written a beautiful article about the Ngutukākā revival and history here.

This factsheet  details what needs doing and how much money it will cost to prevent the extinction of this species.


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