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What is a RELX electronic cigarette?

From your trusted e-cigarette store Relx Australia, we showcase the Relx devices that we will be showing and explaining to you. these e-cigarettes are the Relx Infinity and Relx Essential. in addition, we will also introduce you to the wireless charging cartridge for the Infinity.

These vaping devices have a pre-filled cartridge system that fits your Relx Pod to provide incredible device performance.

Relx e-cigarettes offer FEELM 3.0 technology, which features its new ceramic coils. These ceramic coils provide a denser vapor and a smoother, more refined flavor than traditional e-cigarettes.

The design of these Relx e-cigarette devices is slim and simple. As simple as a pen, you won't notice it's on you. On top of that, it has replacement cartridges that are magnetized, which will greatly facilitate the replacement of these cartridges.

There are no buttons or switches on these devices, which will make your experience with Relx easier and more intuitive. The technology used in these e-cigarettes is unique in that it will give us a smoother flavor and a very strong vapor density.

With 1.8% nicotine per capsule, it will satisfy your desire to smoke in an incredible way and you will never have to rely on the dangerous traditional cigarettes like traditional tobacco.

Relx Essential has a 350mAh battery and a fast charging USB C type charging system. Thanks to this charging system, your battery will be full before you know it.

On the other hand, the Relx Infinity has a 380mAh battery. We also have a USB C type charging port, but it also has a dual charging system that allows you to use the wireless charging case that we will introduce to you below.

The wireless charging case of the Relx Infinity has an autonomy of 1500mAh. This will give us enough autonomy to allow us to charge nothing for a few days.

The wireless charging case system is very simple, just insert your Relx Infinity into the case, engage the dual charging ports and voila, your e-cigarette device is already charging.

If we have discharged the battery in the case, inserting our Relx Infinity and charging the case will first fully charge the case, then charge the e-cigarette with the battery in the case, and finally, it will charge our new wireless charging case.

Both the charging case and the Relx Pod and Essential are very small in size. This will allow us to carry it comfortably in our pockets without any hassle or complications.

The pre-filled cartridges for these devices come in six different and very tasty flavors.

On the one hand, we have Classic Tobacco, a classic tobacco flavor that will delight the most classic e-cigarette lovers, and for lovers of these flavors, it is one of the most authentic tobacco flavors.

On the other hand, we have Menthol Plus, a refreshing and intense flavor that will make lovers of menthol flavors unable to stop smoking this spectacular flavor. This mint has just the right and natural menthol flavor and a very intense freshness.

Fresh Red is an amazingly fresh watermelon flavor. This flavor perfectly combines the sweetness of watermelon with a wonderful minty taste. It will remind you of those summer nights we all remember so fondly.

Tangy Purple is designed for those who love the taste of grapes. It is also a very refreshing liquid that also has a spicy flavor.

Dark Sparkle is an amazing cola flavored liquid. You'll notice the bubbles of your favorite soft drink bursting through your taste buds, releasing all the freshness and sweetness of this specialty drink.

Finally, we have Raspy Ruby, a refreshing raspberry liquid. This flavor has a fresh and fragrant aroma with equal parts sweetness and freshness.


What is a RELX electronic cigarette

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