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How To Make and Submit A Sitemap

While browsing through the quicklist of how to optimize your site to attract more visitors from search engines also know as (SEO), I stumbled upon a quicky and definitely a must. Creating a Sitemap literally takes less than a minute and helps your site be more google-friendly as soon as it’s indexed again. Thus I have compiled a great tutorial on how to make a sitemap.


Basically what it does is make the site easier to read for the Google Spider Bot that will occasionally scan your pages to add it to it’s search rankings. By making it easier to read, it develops a higher priority on the search engine and will have more results appear for more of the keywords on your site.

Sitemap Search Result

Here’s a quick guide on how to make a Sitemap for your own blog.

If You Use Wordpress

1. Download the plugin Google “XML Sitemaps Generator” and upload it to your wp=content/plugin folder and activate it through wordpress.

2. In Wordpress go to the Options tab and click on the newly formed sub-tab called “Sitemap.”

3. Click on “Rebuild Sitemap” and it will generate a .xml and .xml.gz sitemap file in the root of your Wordpress directory.


4. 5. Go to your Google Webmaster’saccount and specify the url of the sitemap. If you installed it in your public html folder it would most likely be ( with the exception of the .com being whatever subnet you use. According to accounting homework help expert next time Google tries to index your page it will also spy on the sitemap and therefore more efficiently integrate your site into it’s search rankings.

*What’s nice about the wordpress method d is that the plugin notifies Google, Msn, and the Yahoo search engines that you’ve updated your sitemap.

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