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Help grow and plant endangered Ngutukākā  - Kākābeak

Once there were less than 100 Ngutukākā, (also known as kākābeak), left in the wild. Now, thanks to the help of a small group of passionate, dedicated people on the East Coast, over 800 species were planted last year.

We need your help to fund more plantings, engage marae and kura / schools, and share the traditions of this taonga species so people can be educated on how best to grow, care for and protect ngutukākā.

For just $50 - much less than the price of a dozen red roses - you can plant five ngutukākā. 

We are aiming to raise $20,000 which would plant 2,000 ngutukākā. Your donation will help plant more of these treasured plants and in return you will receive a beautiful Valentine’s e-card to gift to someone you love.

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Donate today

$20 per month

Buys plants

A regular donation of $20 per month will buy 2 Ngutukākā plants every month. Growing them - from seed to seedling.




Contribute towards coordination activities on the ground, with marae, kura and the community on the East Cape.

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Help us to inform, educate people at kura (schools) and marae to plant, grow and nurture Ngutukākā plants.


Your donation will help to:

  • Grow seedlings and plants

  • Educate people on how to grow and plant Ngutukākā

  • Buy equipment to transport, dig and manage plant sites

  • Pay for a coordinator to educate and engage kura, marae and members of the public on what needs to be done to save this rare species

Positive impacts:

  • Improved knowledge of rare species

  • Increased education levels

  • Pilot project that is showcasing how people can be engaged with saving precious taonga, which can be applied to other projects and areas

  • Rare specie is saved from extinction

  • Vulnerable habitats are protected

When you donate you help give our most vulnerable species a voice.

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