Protecting New Zealand's rarest of the rare.

How we work

The Endangered Species Foundation is focused on successful and sustainable projects that will avert the extinction of New Zealand’s unique indigenous biodiversity in all of its forms – from plants and fungi through to fish, insects, birds and mammals.

With the guidance of an advisory group which includes representatives from Department of Conservation, New Zealand universities and freelance professionals, the Endangered Species Foundation distributes funds to support experts in the management of vulnerable species, and develops partnerships to lead results-oriented projects.

Sustainable funding

One of the greatest challenges facing conservation efforts worldwide is access to reliable, sustainable sources of funding – particularly for projects with less public appeal. All too often, promising efforts have been hampered when just as things start to improve, the funding dries up.

The Foundation is changing this, by aiming to provide sustainable financial support through an endowment fund, which can provide income well into the future. We have also ensured our Board has the ability to develop flexible and innovative schemes with donors to ensure on-going and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sponsors and benefactors can either contribute to the endowment fund, or can direct their support to specific projects. As a registered charitable trust all donors can receive tax benefits on their donations.

Volunteer action

For those who are more action-oriented, the Endangered Species Foundation provides opportunities to volunteer your time and talents towards ensuring a future for our most vulnerable species. We will be launching some exciting new projects in 2020, stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.   

Funding based on science

With the guidance of our advisory group, funds will be distributed by the Trustees to support evidence-based research and the implementation of expert conservation efforts targeted at at-risk species and habitats. The funding may also be used to develop conservation tools which will assist those working in the field. Our aim is to provide long-term support and funding to New Zealand’s conservation community. 

Foundation Facts

  • 4,000
    endangered species
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    of our most critically endangered Māui Dolphins remain
  • As little as
    can save many of our
    endangered species
  • Only
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